How to Improve Your Event Vendors & Services Partnerships

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As a New York event planner, you know your curated engagements are only going to be as monumental as the team of coordinated event vendors you’re able to assemble. You can have the most brilliant plans and designs. But if your event vendor relationships are rocky or non-existent, there could be event execution problems. So, how can you improve your event services and vendor partnerships? Today, we’ll share secrets from event service professionals so you can build a strong foundation of strategic relationships with everyone you work with – and ultimately, build incredible events every time.

Foster an Environment of Open Communication

Focus on fostering an environment of open communication with all your event vendors and service providers. Connect with them before your NY event or conference to inquire about any questions or challenges. Be available when they reach out to you, too. And maintain communication with them throughout the event and after, developing open dialog that only leads to stronger relationships.

Ask Event Vendors for What They Need

Don’t be afraid to talk with your event vendors before, during, and after the event to discuss their needs and preferences. You can manage expectations and learn more about how to make it easy for them to execute. And as the primary event coordinator, you can support their efforts better when you know what it is they need to deliver flawlessly.

Be Collaborative with Your Event Vendors

Develop a partnership with your event services professionals that is built on trust and collaboration. You don’t want to be an overbearing dictator since such event planner-zillas will only deter vendors from wanting to work with you. Instead, share ideas and challenges with your roster of event vendors and work together on event production. Treat them as professional equals in your quest to curate incredible and memorable New York events.

Thank Your Event Vendors

Express gratitude for a job well done with all your event vendors. Thank them in person, send a follow-up email, and check in with them between events. And for those top performers who never fail to deliver top-notch services, consider gifts or vendor appreciation efforts. Invite your best catering team to lunch, or send a fruit basket to your preferred event photographer. Remind them often how much you appreciate their ability to deliver at all your NY events.

Send Them Referrals

Another way to solidify your event vendor relationships is with continued partnership with them and referrals. If a DJ service outperforms all others, keep hiring them. And then share your experience with other event planning professionals and coordinators to refer services. Your event vendors will appreciate the value of your working relationship and continue to be outstanding performers for all your events.

Improve your event services and event vendor relationships by doing these key things. And if you’re looking for new or improved vendors, make sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2023! Thousands of events industry pros will attend, and hundreds of top brands will be showcasing their offerings on the trade show floor at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Get tickets and start networking! All the strategic partnerships your event planning business needs will be there for three full days!


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