Perfecting Your Craft: 4 Resources Event Pros Use to Stay Sharp

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Your company’s growth and success as a New York event planner lie within your ongoing ability to improve, sharpen, and polish your creativity and skills. And today’s event pros are tapping into a host of apps, software, and resources to stay on their A-Game. Here are a few ideas for you to consider as you look to add resources and tools to your craft-perfecting arsenal. 

1. Productivity Tools for Event Planners

Stop trying to manage your event planning clients, your vendors, your time, or your teams the old-fashioned way. There is a slew of easy-to-use tools to streamline productivity in a big way. From HubSpot and Salesforce to Asana and Monday, start sampling free trials for anything you think might help improve your processes and operations. Imagine how sharp you could be if you could alleviate a few additional hours each week, each day, or for each event, allowing you to focus on delivering. 

2. Creativity Resources and Outlets

A significant portion of your business model is rooted in creativity and brilliant new ideas. Don’t allow yourself (or your teams) to get bogged down in operations so much that you lose your creative flair. Start exploring the tools and resources at your disposal to keep those creative juices flowing. Dedicate time to browsing Pinterest. Download creativity apps. And sign up for newsletters that deliver trends and popular event themes right to your inbox. Whatever inspires you to be creative, find an app or tool that helps you get into that mental space. 

3. Self-Care Motivation

Keep your event planning skills the sharpest when you make every available effort to take care of yourself. Dial in those wellness trackers that help you identify exercise, calories burned, or sleep habits. Get away from your desk and your screens throughout the day or week with apps that remind you when it’s time to take a break. Health and wellness apps and trackers will help you avoid burnout, too. Here are a few of the more popular tools busy professionals are using in 2023:

  • Headspace
  • Calm
  • Daylio
  • Able

4. Business Management Inspiration

Running your own business means you have to wear a variety of hats, from event planner to human resources to sales and beyond. Make those hat transitions smoother by leveraging tools that help you automate and improve your business decisions and management efforts. Start exploring all the free learning and coaching tools, like HubSpot, LinkedIn Learning, and TED Radio Hour. Find ways to cut costs, improve business processes, and engage your teams and vendors, and your business will always be in a position for growth.

The new year presents an opportunity to adopt new processes and methods that allow event planners to stay sharp and run growth-minded businesses. Consider these areas of improvement and start beefing up your arsenal of tools and resources!

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