The Future of Event Trade Shows Is Here

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Event trade shows and conferences are being reinvented for the modern day. Attendees who want a customized experience can now build their own events around their specific interests, objectives, and time constraints. It’s not just about what happens at these events; it’s also about how they happen.

Event planners have begun to embrace augmented reality technology in order to create personalized experiences for attendees looking to immerse themselves in their profession or get away from the daily grind for a few days.

Your industry’s future is revealed at event trade shows and conferences.

Event trade shows and conferences are a window into the future of your industry. They provide an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in what you do best, get away from your daily routine, and learn new ways to engage with customers and colleagues. At trade shows, you can see what’s happening in other industries or even other countries — they’re an opportunity to capitalize on new trends before they become mainstream.

Trade shows can also be a good place to explore new technologies that could help make business processes easier or more efficient. And who wants to miss out on that? No one! That’s why many organizations are now offering hybrid registrations like The Event Planner Expo.

We are in the era of hybrid trade shows

Hybrid trade shows are the future of exhibiting. They combine the best aspects of traditional trade shows and digital exhibitions to create a seamless experience for attendees, who can interact with exhibitors in real time.

Hybrid trade shows are an increasingly popular option for companies looking to exhibit at a show. Here are a couple of their benefits:

  • Hybrid trade shows allow companies to reach their target audience in a more personal way than traditional trade shows. Rather than having large crowds milling about, hybrid trade shows allow companies to speak with attendees one on one, making it easier for them to connect with their customers.
  • Hybrid trade shows often involve less risk than traditional ones. With less overhead, they’re easier on the wallet and less likely to leave you with months’ worth of debt—and they’re also less risky than digital exhibits because they allow you to meet face-to-face with potential clients instead of relying solely on online interactions.

Experiences are becoming more experiential.

As you know, experiences are becoming more experiential. That’s because they’re no longer just about your product or service; they’re about building an experience around them.

Think of it this way: an event is a meeting point where people gather together to see, hear and feel something new—but it’s not necessarily creating an experience for the attendees. The same goes for services or products on their own.

But when you combine all three together in one place at the right time and place with the right message—that’s when you can create an unforgettable moment that will leave people talking about it long after they’ve left your booth.

It’s also important to remember that experiences aren’t just experiences anymore—they’re also brands themselves. So, if you’re going to invest in creating a great experience, remember that there are many ways to do so other than just hiring actors or artists; consider everything from lighting design and sound systems down through your seating arrangements as part of what makes up this thing we call “experience-creation.”

How attendees can customize their experience

Attendees can create a custom profile and create a custom schedule that allows them to attend the events that are most relevant to them: everything from workshops, keynotes, panels, and networking opportunities.

If there’s something in particular that they’d like to see at the event—such as a specific speaker or topic—they can add that request directly into their personal schedule, so they don’t miss out on any of the action!

To break that down a bit more, attendees can now create a unique schedule by:

  • Choosing the most important (and trending) topics
  • Selecting speakers that will deliver the most value
  • Picking the venue that works best for your organization’s goals and mission.
  • And finally, you can decide what activities are best suited to help achieve those goals—whether they be networking opportunities or educational workshops.

Creating a customized user experience has become paramount for exhibitors looking to stay relevant in today’s landscape.

What used to be a very traditional, one-size fits all exhibition is now becoming increasingly experiential and customizable for visitors.

As consumers continue to demand more from the brands they interact with, customized experiences at trade show booths are no longer a luxury—they’re a necessity for staying relevant in today’s landscape.


The future of the event industry is in creating personalized experiences that meet your needs. Event planners have always been able to create their own experiences, but now they can do so at an unprecedented level of customization and personalization.

By attending The Event Planner Expo in New York, event professionals and vendors can stay relevant in today’s marketplace. In October 2022, there will be a 10th anniversary show and it is anticipated to be the best year yet! Click here for more info!


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