Wearable Technology & Events: 5 Ideas to Consider

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It is time to embrace the future and use wearable technology in your event planning business. Despite what many people think, wearable technology is no longer just a fun novelty. As an event planner, you can use this technology to take your events from ho-hum to over-the-top memorable. Plus, they offer impressive ROI, making your event planning business the must-hire service to your clients. Consider these five ways you can start using wearable technology for all your New York events. 

1. Increase Attendee Engagement  

The future of events is creating an immersive experience for attendees. Wearable event technology will become the tool that makes this a reality. Instead of just watching a screen, an event guest puts on a VR headset and is transported into another world. Instead of just looking at a picture, they could wear smart glasses and find themselves in an immersive AR experience. 

2. Improve Traffic Flow and Distribution 

A well-planned event will have a thorough traffic flow pattern and appropriate access control. Make life easier for everyone with contactless check-in and VIP entrances. If you struggle with people getting lost, you could have the wearable technology provide alerts for personalized guidance. You can then track where people go to determine if your plan worked as intended. 

3. Implement Gamification 

Smartphone apps rose as the easiest way to increase event engagement through the use of technology. But this resulted in everyone being face-deep in their phone. Wearable technology puts everyone’s phone back in their pocket. Gamification is the perfect way to get people actively engaged while using wearable event technology. Motivate attendees to engage by incentivizing them with prizes and rewards. Post leaderboards to create a sense of competition for an added surge of excitement! 

4. Benefit From Real-time Time Tracking 

We all know that event day is hectic and sometimes chaotic. You’re juggling a lengthy list of tasks, which can lead to things not always going as planned. Wearable technology can be the solution you need to bring order to your event itinerary and schedule. Its real-time tracking ability keeps you informed every minute. That way, you can make changes in real-time and keep the overall experience positive and memorable for everyone. 

5. Optimize Future Events 

Historically, event planners have depended on post-event feedback to improve future events. This information was subjective and not always detailed. With wearable event technology, you can gather significantly more data in real time. This lets you immediately begin optimizing your future event planning and operations. By not taking advantage of this technology, you are making one of the most common event-planning business mistakes: ignoring the data. 

Use wearable technology to understand attendee traffic flow, linger times, and gathering locations. Identify where people were most engaged. And measure the success of different ideas to understand better what worked and what didn’t. 

6. Deepen Exhibitor and Sponsor Relationships

Using wearable event technology can also improve your network of relationships with vendors, exhibitors, and sponsors. If you regularly organize events that require the participation of these partnerships, wearable event technology can help you make these relationships more profitable. You can learn what companies are underperforming and help them find ways to improve. And wearables will tell you where guests and attendees like to congregate and linger. 

You can use wearables to identify when you need to direct people to where you want them to go, or you can use them to improve your event’s layout and design. Additionally, you can increase your event’s profitability by helping your network improve its ROI. 

Discover Innovative Event Tech at The Expo 

Wearable technology seems like a novelty or something that could become a solution in the distant future. Except, the future is here and now. Investing in wearable technology can seem like a large investment upfront. However, the short and long-term benefits abound. With the right wearable event technology, you can improve your event production, increase attending enjoyment, and strengthen your relationships with other vendors. This makes the investment in wearable technology well worth the future growth of your event planning business. 

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