4 Ways to Sharpen Your Event Planning Skills Right Now

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As a New York event planner, you know the importance of continuous upskilling and learning. Even if you’ve already earned your certifications and paved your way through a formal education, there are always new skills to master and event planning trends to discover. The more you learn, the more impactful your events become and the more resilient you are as a business leader. However, it can be tough to know where to look for upskilling opportunities. So, we’re sharing some of the best ways to sharpen your event planning skills and where to look to find those continued learning opportunities.

1. Events Industry Networking Groups

One of the best ways to improve your own event-planning skills is to find mentors and event-planning colleagues to connect with regularly. Join networking groups and professional organizations that put you in conversation circles with others who do what you do. You can share challenges and brilliant event experiences with each other, learning and growing together collectively. These are great resources for discovering emerging event trends, as well.

2. Additional Event Planning Certifications

Consider boosting your event planning skills by earning additional certifications that are relevant to your event niche. Take stock of what credentials you already have and look to secure others that complement your current skill sets. These tend to be the most popular event planning certifications worth considering:

  • CSEP: Certified special events professional
  • CMP: Certified meeting professional
  • CMM: Certificate in meeting management
  • DES: Digital event strategist
  • EDA: Event data analysis certificate
  • IES: Inclusive event strategist
  • ECC: Event crisis communications designation
  • CMP-HC: Certified meeting professional-healthcare
  • CCEP: Collegiate conference and events professional
  • CGMP: Certified government meeting professional
  • CTSM: Certified trade show marketer
  • VEMM: Virtual event & meeting management
  • SEPC: Sustainable event professional
  • PMED: Pandemic meeting & event design certificate
  • CEM: Certified in exhibition management

3. Webinars and Online Courses Improving Event Planning Skills

You can explore a host of online courses and webinars specific to certain technologies, event skills, and entrepreneurship to sharpen your skills. Consider enrolling in digital courses that boost how you strategize social media, how you manage your time, or how you improve lead generation for your business. And there are tons of great learning tools that are specific to event planning niches worth exploring, as well. Here are just a few to look into to boost your resume.

4. Learn from the Absolute Best at The Event Planner Expo

One of the most powerful ways to significantly sharpen your skills is by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023! This is NYC’s premier events industry conference, and thousands of event professionals, top experts, and industry influencers attend. The revolutionary Speaker Series brings together world-renowned experts for stage presentations that inspire, motivate, and problem-solve. Imagine learning from pros like Gary Vaynerchuk and Marcy Blum

If you’re looking to boost your event planning knowledge, get your Expo tickets today and make sure you’re in the room at the Speaker Series to learn from the best!


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