5 Benefits of Going Live at Your Events

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc: going live; social media

Once your big event kicks off, don’t assume you’re done marketing. In fact, some of the best event marketing results come from efforts you make during and after your event. One such method of engagement involves using “live” features on Facebook and Instagram. Today, we’ll share some of the biggest reasons you should consider going live from every event you host and curate.

1. Demonstrates an Exciting Event Experience for Those Who Aren’t There

When you use your cell phone or tablet to go live at one of your events, you immediately invite all those who couldn’t attend to join in the fun. Live streams from all the action are great tools for engaging general audiences who might take an interest in a sneak peek at the event. Your live streams don’t have to be entirely long or all-inclusive to be effective, either. Even brief snippets of fun and quick showcases of event entertainment, venue designs, or even the food station can all generate tons of interactions and awareness online.

2. Promotes Your Event Venue and Vendor Partners

Use live streaming as a method for boosting your event vendor partnerships. Together, you’ve collaborated to create stunning event experiences and interactions. Celebrate them with a live stream to your online audiences. It’s a great way to showcase your preferred vendors, who might just reciprocate and talk about your planning services during their lives.

3. Demonstrates Your Skills As a High-Energy Event Planner

Even short walk-through live streams of your event will demonstrate to your audience just how skilled you are at curating brilliant event experiences. Show off your crazy-fun table centerpiece designs, or spend a few exciting minutes talking about the new event technology you’re introducing at the event. And remember, these lives will live on beyond the night of the event. So, essentially, you’re creating a library of digital assets you can use throughout your event marketing strategies to come.

4. Promotes Event Success You Can Use Next Year

Live streams and any other media efforts you leverage during the event become instrumental tools in planning next year’s event. For those corporate events or annual social celebrations that you anticipate will use your services again next year, these live streams you create now will serve as stunning reminders of why you’re still the best event planner for the job.

5. Demonstrates to Your Audience How In-Demand You Are

Here’s the other benefit of going live from your event. When you’re continuously sharing the fun and excitement of your work, you essentially demonstrate that you’re busy and in demand as a high-valued planner. It’s great advertising for your event planning services.

So, the next time you turn down the lights and kick off an event, pull out your phone and go live. You can tap into these incredible benefits to help boost your event marketing and your business. 

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