5 Ways to Make Your Red Carpet Event Phenomenal

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New York event planners are no strangers to planning red carpet events. But if you’re still looking for inspiration and new ideas on elements to make it phenomenal, keep reading. We’ll share some of the latest insights, guaranteed to make your red carpet event a huge success.

1. What Type of Red Carpet Event Is It?

In today’s events, there’s always a reason to roll out the red carpet. And not all event designs will work with every occasion. Start by recognizing what type of red carpet event you’re planning. From there, you can start to add in unique elements, brilliant designs, and upscale engagement touches.

  • Fundraising Galas
  • Milestone Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Launch Parties
  • Viewing Parties

2. A ‘Big Entrance’ Venue

New York City is full of great venue options for your events. However, when you’re planning a red carpet event, you’ll want to look for those venues that have “big entrance” opportunities. If you want your guests to experience their entrance, like the stars do on awards night, you’ll need a sprawling entryway, perfect for red carpet perusing. Valet is another upscale touch to have set up at the doorway, making every event guest feel like royalty the moment they exit their vehicles.

3. Bring in the Photographers

If you want your red carpet guests to feel like paparazzi-worthy stars, hire the professional photographers to come in and snap all the best shots on the red carpet. These photos will be great for event publicity and for you to share on social media and in press releases. And once all your red carpet attendees have moved into the venue, you can keep your photographers busy with capturing the remainder of the event’s festivities. Set up photo stations and media walls where guests can choose to pose for the camera. And be sure to create a website where all your guests can visit to find their iconic, red carpet event photos of the evening.

4. Over-the-Top Entertainment

Yes, you’ll need to book catering with upscale meal and beverage options. You’ll have an AV team to manage the lighting and any stage presentations. But don’t forget to go big on the entertainment factor, too. Red carpet events are expected to be “premier” level engagements, with brilliant entertainment to match. So, delight guests with a great band or a talented DJ. Dazzle them with a magic show or bring in the mentalist. From professional chamber musicians to mind-boggling circus performers, go big on entertainment to secure the wow factor.

5. Celebrity Guest Appearances

Red carpet events are formal and can always be extra special when you introduce celebrities. Consider booking a celebrity guest speaker or red carpet appearance to elevate your New York event in a big way. Depending on the event theme or purpose, you can find prominent sports figures, well-known politicians, fashion models, musicians, or movie stars to join your guest list.

Make your red carpet event spectacular with these incredible elements! And for more inspiration about how to make all of your New York events a success, make sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2023! Learn more about available exhibitor space now, and be sure to secure your All Access tickets!


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