Artificial Intelligence in Event Marketing: Trends & Innovations

Artificial Intelligence in Event Marketing: Trends & Innovations Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash -- ai in event marketing

All of us could use an extra dose of brilliance every now and then. ChatGPT to get through awkward silences. Big Data to help us remember names of people who obviously remember us. Or predictive analytics to help us avoid bad first dates.

We can’t use AI in our daily interactions—yet. But NYC event planners can use AI when marketing events. In this article, we’ll dive into the ways artificial intelligence is revolutionizing NYC event marketing. And these instances prove just how advantageous artificial intelligence for events can be for your events business.

AI for Social Media Marketing

Your social media event marketing campaign has many moving parts, each of which could benefit from AI. From content creation to targeted advertising to data-driven insights, these are the AI-powered trends and innovations in NYC event marketing.

Data Analytics for PPC Ads

Paid ads are a great way to get your event in front of social media users who are most likely to purchase a ticket to your NYC event. While helpful, the analytics available within the platforms are limited. They only analyze data for that particular platform and often are as robust as other tools that are available.

However, there are more powerful AI tools available that will go deeper to analyze your PPC ad campaign. They use predictive analytics to predict bids and save you money. They can also analyze your campaign’s performance across platforms and provide suggestions to make it more successful.

Influencer Marketing Analysis

Influencers can help you promote your event. But finding the right one from an overcrowded field of options is a tall order. AI can help using tools such as social media listening, audience analytics, link tracking, and more. And it’s just another winning case for artificial intelligence in events.

Artificial Intelligence in Events for Generating Content

Content creation has gone beyond ChatGPT to include tools that offer an all-in-one package for social media marketing for events. An AI tool designed for social media will help you create social media posts tailored-made for platforms. Publishing tools can then help you time your posts for maximum effect. Also, AI analytics within the tools can provide insights. It can even provide suggestions based on social media trends.

AI Video Generator for Event Marketing

AI is transforming event marketing through video generation. Once a costly method of advertising reserved for large functions, video is now within reach for small and medium-sized NYC events. A variety of AI video generation tools can create videos complete with subtitles, background music, and even realistic avatars.

Studies show that internet users prefer videos over written text, and websites with videos on their homepages convert more sales. Now, you can use the power of AI to generate videos to promote your NYC events.

Email Marketing for NYC Event Planners

Creating an email list for your NYC event is a powerful way to keep prospects within the sales funnel. But leveraging your email list for maximum effectiveness takes the help of AI. NYC event planners can use AI to enhance their email marketing initiatives in the following ways.

Jazz up your emails with personalized content. AI tools can collate information about your prospects based on their email address. Find out about the latest news from their company, any new articles they wrote, and various social media updates. Then, use the information to create a personalized email.

Use segmentation to make your email event marketing campaigns successful. Let AI do the sorting for you to create segmented email campaigns based on recipient information. AI tools can create custom email lists based on a number of factors, such as income, behavior, or interests.

Get the frequency at which you send emails just right. Sending the right amount of emails is tricky. Send too many, and recipients are likely to opt out of their subscriptions. But if you don’t send enough, your NYC event is likely to fall through the cracks of their busy New Yorker lifestyle. AI can help you get your sending frequency just right to reduce unsubscribe rates and increase ticket sales.

Artificial Intelligence in Events and Marketing Helps You Connect with Your Audience

The multitude of ways that you can use AI in event marketing comes down to one thing: connecting more effectively with your audience. Whether you use AI to better understand them to create targeted content or simply to find them, artificial intelligence makes it easier to interact with your audience.

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