Blogging for Results: 10 Secrets to Boost Your Event Planning Business

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How’s your business blog coming? If you had to pause before answering that, you could probably use a boost. Blogging and content marketing can get tedious, especially when you feel like your ideas are running dry and you’re rushing your process. But if you have a plan, you can avoid these blogging pitfalls and start seeing real results from your regular posts and content. 

There’s more than one secret to elevating your event planning blog results. And today, we’re sharing ten of them!

1. Work Ahead of Schedule

Don’t get in a position where you’re writing today’s scheduled blog post today. Plan ahead and choose a posting schedule you can stick to over time. Ideally, try to be writing next month’s blogs today. So, when you do get side-tracked, you won’t fall behind posting, and you won’t be rushed.

2. Be Smart About Keywords

There are some keywords that you’re just not going to rank for – like ever because the competition is too steep. Don’t try to outperform global brands with millions in ad budgets. Instead, niche your keywords by location or event planning service to differentiate your visibility and dominate where it really matters to you.

3. Make SEO Work for You

Stop chasing all the “best SEO practices” and create a solid formula that works well. Write compelling content that is original and free of errors. Link back to your own website and blog posts. Use external links to reputable sources, like HBR, Forbes, or HubSpot. Break up large portions of your text into H2 and H3 headers. And use lots of regional keywords, like New York City or wedding planner in NYC, to bolster your results. Over time, you’ll gain traction without chasing the latest, shiny SEO object.

4. Tap Into the Best Writing Help

If you can’t write well or don’t have the time to write your own blogs, outsource to someone who can. There are brilliant writers out there who write original (not AI) content, polished and ready to rock. 

5. Share Your Blog Posts Elsewhere

Stop assuming your blog post is only for your blog. Once it’s posted, squeeze more mileage out of it by sharing it on social media, within your event planning newsletter, or by email. 

6. Meta Descriptions Matter

Keep your meta descriptions brief and under 150 characters, if possible. Use your primary keyword for SEO purposes. And make your blogging snippets enticing and exciting!

7. Avoid Fluff and Keyword Stuffing

Don’t be that person who stuffs keywords wherever possible, hoping for better search engine results. Google knows what you’re doing and will call you out for it. Don’t fluff your content to hit specific word counts, either. You’ll lose your readers quickly if there are too many “ifs, ands, or buts.”

8. Choose Topics Based on Client FAQs

Choose topics to write about and load your content calendar with blog conversations that make sense to your audience. The best way to do that is by answering the questions your event clients ask the most. Debunk misconceptions. Share exciting news. And offer tips they find valuable. Let your top prospects be your content marketing guide.

9. Niche Your Topics

Create categories for your blog that allow you the creative freedom to write about networking news one week, event planning tips the next, and seasonal insights year-round. It’ll help your readers find what they need, and it will help you stave off writer’s block.

10. Brilliant Calls to Action Work

Don’t forget to sign off every blog with a unique call to action and link. Ask your readers to do something specific, then provide the easy way to opt in and move forward. Don’t be over-salesy, though. Instead, ask them to sign up for your newsletter, book a free consultation, schedule a Zoom call, or ask you questions about the topic. 

Make your event planning blog work for you and tap into these secrets for blogging success! Learn more about marketing and growing your event planning business by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023


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