Door Prizes & Party Favors Guests Will Love

New York event planners are always on the hunt for creative new ways to delight guests with door prizes and party favors. If you’re feeling stuck and are needing some inspiration, this is a must-read. From weddings, birthdays, and bar mitzvahs to corporate events and product launch parties, you need cool and memorable gift ideas that attendees will be talking about long after they leave. Run through some of these festive and fun door prize ideas and get those creative juices flowing again!

Prizes in a Basket

If you’re feeling stuck as you’re brainstorming for new party favor ideas, start by thinking about the theme of the event. The more traditional items, like branded promotional pens, t-shirts, and coffee mugs, can be yawn-worthy. But if you instead package those company-branded items into themed baskets, it could make those stale branded items even cooler. Here are a couple of package or bundle ideas your guests will love.

  • Movie night basket with popcorn, Blu-Rays of classic movies, and candy, along with a branded blanket or wearable
  • Electronic bundles with branded chargers, earbuds, or iTunes gift cards for music lovers
  • Beach baskets with sunscreen, towels, sunglasses, and branded jars of sand to commemorate the event
  • Art ensembles with a piece of local art, art gallery passes, or unique replicas

Tastefully Tasteful

Lose the boring monogrammed frames and go with door prizes that involve food, flavors, and cultural tastes. Get inspired by your event theme and come up with incredible party favors that allow guests to taste the event. Here are a few door prize ideas that might be great for your upcoming New York event.

  • Maple Syrups in Crafty Jars
  • Olive Oils with Unique Tags
  • Regional Sea Salts & Spices
  • Toffees & Chocolates
  • Seasonal Apples, Strawberries, Peaches, or Pumpkins

Plan for the Outdoors

If you’re hosting an outdoor event, consider bringing some fun and unique door prizes that might also come in handy. Think about uniquely branded hand-held fans on a hot day or a quality golf umbrella during a golf event. Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen can be great add-ons to a summer event bundle, just as much as pocket warmers and knitted headbands will complement a winter event.

Leave Your Mark on the Attendees

Be memorable with something really different, like artfully crafted incense bundles or customized temporary tattoos. Be memorable by branding face masks with something witty, fun, or appropriate. And other wearables, including classic tees, event-labeled cause bracelets, and elaborate Mardi Gras masks, will all add fun to the event. You can watch those wearables continue to promote the event on social media, too, as guests post selfies and photos online.

Give Them Something They’ll Love to Use

The idea behind a uniquely designed candle door prize is still sound. Get creative about the types of candles you provide your guests, including the aromas themselves. If it smells good, they’ll keep it. But you can explore other ways to provide door prizes your guests will actually use, as well. Monogrammed or inscribed bottle openers, cocktail shakers, and Moscow Mule mugs will always be appreciated. Just make sure your gifts are thoughtful and in line with your event. Non-alcoholic celebrations might call for candles more than the martini glasses, for example.

Something for the Kids

If you’re planning an event where children are in attendance, be sure to put something together, especially for them. Maybe it’s a coloring book with crayons or cool yo-yos. And you can find tons of inspiration by just scrolling through the various board games and hand-held games online, too. Having a little something special for the littles with your event will demonstrate your ability to “think of everything” and might help keep them occupied during the event, as well.

Think Environmentally Friendly

Your event might be focused on eco-friendly themes, with sustainability and green efforts. Extend those efforts to your door prizes by offering guests their very own take-home succulent or small plant. Bundle a gardening starter pack with seeds, small pots, and instructions. Mini herb garden starters, Bonsai trees, and even the eco-friendly strapped bag for shopping are all welcomed gifts for those who prefer environmentally friendly methods.

What are some of your favorite door prizes and party favors that your guests have raved about? Consider some of these fun and unique options for your events. And for more inspiration, don’t forget to get your tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2022 this October. If you’re interested in doing more than attending, contact our team to learn more about becoming a valued sponsor or showroom floor exhibitor!


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