How to Get Your Event on Everyone’s Social Calendar

Being a New York event planner has its perks. Is there really any other place in the world that’s better to hold a party of any kind than New York City? But you might still be on the hunt for new and invigorating ways to drum up excitement about your event. You’ve tried the traditional methods of inviting and attracting guests. And maybe you’re even pretty savvy about using social media and new methods for spreading the word. However, there will always be some room for improvement. Today, we’ll share some of the latest insights to help you get your event on everyone’s social calendar!

Sell the City, Sell the Venue, Sell the Experience

When you’re inviting guests to your event, no matter what the occasion or nature of the business, it’s about sizzle. No one will want to attend a gathering that doesn’t offer some form of education, entertainment, enlightenment, or engagement. But there are ways to boost the excitement and anticipation of your upcoming New York City event.
There are so many aspects of your event worth promoting and fully capable of creating that sizzle you need to generate a following. Sell the city, especially if you have guests on the invite list who are not from the area. Sell the venue by highlighting all the cool, trendy, and innovative extras your event venue has to offer. Sell the experience, not just the event. Demonstrate value as it relates to those four E’s guests will need to feel to respond and attend.

Telling a New York Event-Related Story

Just like you would with your marketing strategy, look to tell a story with your event to improve attendees. What’s the story behind the event? What are the narratives driving the purpose of the event? Sure, if you’re planning a wedding or bat mitzvah, there are plenty of family stories to share to attract attendees. But don’t presume you can’t create a great story to promote a corporate event, employee party, business product launch, or public event.

Make It Unique

Maybe you’re planning your hundredth ever grand opening party for a business client. And because you’re an old pro by now, you almost feel like you don’t have to think twice about how to plan it, what to set up, and how to attract guests. But now is the best time to break out of the stagnation of same-old, same-old techniques. Instead, try something new and find what makes this grand opening party different from others like it. That’s your ticket to finding the unique differentiator that improves attendee turnout for the event.

Get Personal with the Invites

For those clients who have a specific guest list of invites, look for ways to customize those invitations, so they feel personal. You can include handwritten notes, specific information in an email invite, and personal touches that make the recipient feel they’re one of a select few being asked to attend.
For those events that are open to the public or have a targeted group of general attendees, you can find ways to customize those, too. Include greetings by name and use language that entices them to attend specifically, based on their profiles. Get creative where you can because getting a “general” invitation that feels regurgitated or mass-produced won’t have that special element needed to really appeal to the individual.

Find a Bigger Megaphone for Your New York Event

Sometimes all you really need to increase attendance at your event is a bigger voice. Look for ways to get a bigger megaphone to spread the word about your upcoming New York event. Get the local media to cover your event by using press releases. Leverage your social media outlets, but also tap into various niche groups where your guests spend most of their time to increase your reach. Banner ads and promos are great methods for inspiring event sizzle, too, should the budget allow.
Consider some of these ideas to increase attendance at your next New York event. And when you’re ready for more incredible ideas for growing your event planning business, get your tickets now for The Event Planner Expo 2022!


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