Marketing & Sales: How to Land More Corporate Events in 2023

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Part of your business goals for 2023 might include strategies for landing more corporate event clients. From corporate conferences to brand and product launches, there are sales and marketing techniques the top professionals in New York City leverage to boost how many new deals they close. And if your sales and marketing strategy needs improvement, these are the insights you need to see.

Be More Assertive About Making Corporate Event Client Connections

The first, and maybe the most obvious improvement, you might need to make involves how assertive you are about making corporate-level connections. If you’re not networking with the right people, you’ll miss out on key introductions. Additionally, if you’re not assertive about asking for invites to the right networking events, you’ll miss out on new client opportunities. Be deliberate about creating strategies you can use to improve your networking in 2023. Start prioritizing your time in corporate decision-maker circles, and be open about asking for introductions and referrals when you need them.

Focus on Your Corporate Event Niche

Corporate events, conferences, and trade shows all come in different styles and formats. Event planners recognize that the key to growth and success in the corporate events industry is leading with a niche specialty. So, for 2023, explore your niche expertise and position your brand and marketing, solidifying you as the expert. Maybe you’re really great with virtual events or product launches. Instead, you could be the company team-building event master. For other New York event planners, the seasonal company outings are their bread-and-butter clientele. Whatever your niche specialty is, find it and promote it! It will lead you to more corporate clients in 2023.

Marketing Messages Need to Be Consistent

If you want to attract more corporate event clients, you need to make sure you’re sending consistent messaging. In fact, corporate decision-makers and brand marketers will only want to partner with you if they:

  1. Know what you do best
  2. Trust your services
  3. Believe you can solve their problems

So, consider reevaluating your marketing channels and current messaging strategies. Make sure you’re addressing those core elements first in a unique and innovative way. And as preferences change, plan on changing things up as the year goes on, too. Incorporate a series of A/B testing to find the right equation of marketing tools, content, and frequency to facilitate your efforts.

Pitching More Will Translate to Signing More Corporate Event Clients

How effective is your current method for lead generation? If you’re not attracting enough corporate event leads or any at all, then you need to rework your lead generation. For example, this might include a revamp of your email marketing sequences or cold-calling initiatives. And you’ll want to measure your numbers because sales is still very much a numbers game. The more prospects you can convert to leads, the more leads you can follow up with to request a conversation. Thus, the more conversations you have, the more pitches you’ll present. The more presentations you give, the more corporate event clients you’ll close.

Consider these key points as you make plans for a successful 2023 in event planning. And part of your company’s growth is applying what you learn by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023, so be sure you’re on the waitlist now, so you don’t miss a thing!


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