The Increasing Value of the Small Event

Yes, as an event planner, you’re always looking to land the big fish clients and brands in need of big corporate events and conferences. But don’t discount the value of the small event either. There is a growing trend, partially inspired by the pandemic, where getting together in person doesn’t need to be the big, year-ending event it used to be. In fact, many companies and individuals are placing more value on the intimacy of a small event. Here are benefits you can consider in promoting your ability to rock the small event just as effectively as you can the larger ones.

Better Networking and Engagement

With a smaller event, attendees can get more from their networking and engagement experiences. When the guest list is smaller, those participating will get more time to meet with everyone. They’ll also spend more quality time in conversation, and make more meaningful connections.

More Targeted Themes and Content

When you’re trying to appeal to a larger audience, you’ll find your content and event themes will become more broad-stroked or generalized. However, when the event is small, event planners can get more targeted in their approach with content, guest speakers, and experiences. Get more creative with your focused messaging and improve engagement with a smaller crowd.

Easier to Organize

In terms of logistics, the smaller corporate events and social gatherings are just going to be easier to plan. There will be less to set up and less to clean up, too. The itineraries can be more detailed and allow for more impactful experiences. And any potential planning issues that may arise will likely be smaller and easier to overcome, as well.

More Venue Selections

When you have a smaller attendee headcount to manage, you can explore a variety of unique venues you might not otherwise have open to you. Smaller, more intimate crowds can be accommodated in smaller spaces. And it opens a whole new roster of New York City venues to consider. And the attendees will feel more connected to the event action in those more intimate venue settings.

Easier on the Budget

Many companies and organizations are realizing that smaller events and conferences are easier on the budget. Families and individuals can benefit from the more affordable, small event, too. If budget considerations are tight, it’s the smaller event that can be the perfect solution.

As a New York event planner, you can talk with your clients about the many benefits of opting for the smaller event, meeting, or conference. And to keep your finger on the pulse events industry trends moving into 2023, get your tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2022!


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