Why Event Lighting Is So Important for the Guest Experience

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There are so many event details and elements that play a pivotal role in your event experiences. From mouth-watering fare to heart-thumping music, every detail lends to the event’s atmosphere and energy. Another aspect that some event planners might overlook is lighting.

Event lighting is more than just a disco ball on the dance floor or traveling strobes that your DJ brings. For a fully-immersive event experience, your New York event lighting has to be spot-on at every turn. Soft hues and brilliant colors all play a part in the overall success of your events – here’s why.

Lighting Sets the Mood

One of the most obvious purposes of event lighting is its ability to set the mood. Professional lighting can soften an atmosphere just as quickly as it can infuse it with high energy. And it’s the one event tool that event planners can use to set the scene, welcome guests, and essentially prepare them for the experience that awaits them.

There’s Psychology Behind It

Lighting can affect a person’s mood and generate an emotional response. There’s a reason why the lights go dim when it’s officially time to get on the dance floor, too. People are more relaxed about dancing under the cover of darkness. And the music can be more impactful to a dancing audience when there are brilliant lights hitting every note. Event lighting can help you tap into those psychological effects that result in a more engaged experience. Consider these mood-enhancing colors for your lighting shades:

  • Yellow – evokes feelings of warmth and happiness
  • White – evokes pureness and cleanliness
  • Blue – has calming and cooling effects
  • Green – connotes the environment, moving forward, and money

It’s a Tool for Focusing and Highlighting

Event lighting isn’t just for dance floors. Use your event lighting to illuminate stunning aspects of your venue or highlight an artistically designed dessert table. Spotlight keynote speakers. Draw focus to an elaborately branded wall. And you can always use your lighting to draw your audience’s attention to the most important happenings, making those elements more memorable because they’re in the spotlight.

It Can Communicate Event Activities

Your choice of lighting can help you communicate with your event audience, too. Use intelligent lighting to signify time for dinner, redirecting guests’ attention to the buffet line. Or, you can dim the lights to ask the room to quiet down for an announcement. And just like closing time at your favorite nightclub, amplifying your event lighting can communicate to guests that it’s time for the last call. 

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