11 New York Event Venues with Stunning Views

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As a professional New York Event Planner, you know that the perfect event begins with picking the right venue. Sure, it needs to be the right size, have the needed amenities, and create the right atmosphere. However, if you are hosting NYC events, expectations and standards are higher. Instead of choosing a boring and bare room, why not choose a space that is impressive all on its own? These beautiful New York event venue spaces throughout New York City have stunning views that complement their beautiful settings. 

1. 620 Loft & Garden 

Located at Rockefeller Center, 620 Garden & Loft is an outdoor venue that offers stunning views of Midtown. This beautifully maintained event space features ten-foot ceilings in an indoor loft area that leads out to a manicured outdoor garden. For views, event attendees can enjoy a close-up view of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Fifth Avenue. The 3,300 square-foot space can accommodate up to 165 attendees. 

2. 74 White 

For large events, the 15,000 square feet of space in this sophisticated venue offers a beautiful background. Up to 800 guests can enjoy a space that is endlessly configurable. While there are intimate indoor spaces, the star of the venue is the outdoor roof and terrace area. This venue is perfect for NYC events throughout the year, with an indoor space protected by a glass roof. The outdoor terrace is ideal for warm weather events. Located in Williamsburg, 74 White offers stunning views of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn. 

3. Classic Car Club 

Located on the waterfront in Hudson Yards, the Classic Car Club is a blend of grungy cool NYC and elevated luxury. The warehouse setting provides a dark background for some of the most drool-worthy high-end cars in the world. By day, the Classic Car Club is a hang-out spot for like-minded petrol-heads. But in the evening, it is the perfect New York event venue. As the sun sets, the water sparkles, and the sky comes to life with oranges, pinks, and purples. The 8,000-square-foot venue features 30-foot ceilings, open ends that lead out onto the outdoor terrace, and radiant heat floors. 

4. The Glasshouse

There are three Glasshouse locations: one in Hell’s Kitchen by Pier 88,  another facing Bryant Park, and the third in Chelsea. While the location of Bryant Park is an elegant and luxurious setting, the views are not the star of the show here. The location in Chelsea offers slightly more beautiful views. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow guests to observe the water and skyline. There are two floors available for booking, with an outdoor terrace on the 21st floor. For stunning views, the Glasshouse in Hell’s Kitchen is the perfect venue. It can accommodate up to 1,850 guests across its 75,000 square feet. Two outdoor terraces connect to the main event space. There are also private terraces for the Green Rooms. Enjoy clear views of the Hudson River and New York City skyline. 

5. Dear Irving on Hudson Rooftop 

Located in the Aliz Hotel on the 40th and 41st floors, Dear Irving on Hudson can accommodate up to 300 guests. It is the highest open-air penthouse in the city for sipping cocktails. It is curated in an Art Deco, James Bond-inspired theme, making it incredibly effortlessly cool. Both floors feature floor-to-ceiling windows that are perfect for enjoying views of the city. There is plenty to see with its location in Times Square. Both floors also have a small terrace for those looking to eliminate the glass barrier from their view. 

6. Highwater Rooftop 

The Highwater Rooftop is an elegant space sitting 25 stories above the city. This rooftop bar boasts dramatic views of the city and the impressive scale of the buildings surrounding it. A modern outdoor terrace is wrapped in a glass railing that makes guests feel as though they are floating. The simple yet sophisticated interior creates a flexible space that is perfect for creating your own NYC event fantasy

7. The Skylark

Host your NYC events in an event venue that has Midtown Manhattan as its background. Soaring skyscrapers create stunning scenery, The Skylark will dazzle. Gaze upon Times Square in all of its illuminated glory. In the distance, the water of the Hudson River glistens for breathtaking views. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring indoors and outdoors together in a flexible space that is perfect for intimate NYC event planning.

8. Park Lane Hotel New York 

Sitting on the southern border of Central Park is the Park Lane Hotel. The elegant decor features a dreamy Parisian atmosphere. While there are several spaces available for private events, it is the Darling, a wrap-around terrace that is a truly magical space. Outfitted with floor-to-ceiling windows and a striped ceiling, it will transport you to the outdoor cafes of Paris. However, when looking out at the view, guests are reminded that they are in the heart of New York City. Enjoy views of Central Park, Billionaire’s Row, and Midtown Manhattan. 

9. Apella by Alexandria 

For a hip and modern event venue, Apella by Alexandria is a perfect setting. Waterfront views of the East River greet event guests through expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. Sitting between Murray Hill and Gramercy Park, this venue delivers picturesque views north and south of the river. This flexible space is ready to accommodate all kinds of events, from corporate meetings to birthdays. There are even large swinging chairs suspended from the ceiling right in front of the windows for relaxed scenery viewing. 

10. Penthouse 45

For more intimate events, the Penthouse 45 is the perfect event space that doesn’t sacrifice quality for size. Located in Midtown West, event attendees can enjoy views in all directions. A wrap-around terrace encompasses the space, creating a flexible indoor and outdoor space. Glass railings ensure full visibility of the city skyline that encompasses this event. Impressive floor-to-ceiling windows and sky-high ceilings allow the impressive view to be the star of the show, even when indoors. 

11. Randolph Beer Dumbo

There is no denying that this event venue is one of the trendiest for hosting NYC events. Located in Dumbo, Randolph Beer delivers stunning views of the Manhattan Bridge. The space features 13,000 square feet of space with a brewery, retro bar, classic arcade, pool, skee ball, and shuffleboard. All of these activities are perfect for creating a memorable event. The entire space still looks like a warehouse, but the furniture and decor help transform it into a cool space. 

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As a New York event planner, clients trust you to know the best venues in the city that can deliver everything they need. From convenient locations to beautiful decor, amenities, and stunning views, these 11 New York event venue options have everything to offer, including views that are sure to take event attendee’s breath away. For more helpful advice on making your client’s events one-of-a-kind, attend The Event Planner Expo 2024. Discover all the best NYC event venues and event services to amplify your experiences and results! Get tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2024 today!


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