14 Types of Corporate Events You Should Be Planning with Your Event Planning Business

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New York event planning can be a super-successful business. There are hundreds of event opportunities you can be targeting every day. But if you’re in the corporate event planning space, you have an even bigger value proposition opportunity. Get inspired to broaden your company’s event planning services. And explore all the different types of corporate events happening right now in New York City, presenting a market segment worth targeting. With so many growth opportunities, and reasons to host New York events, you’re business is practically guaranteed to grow when you tap into these potential event hosting services.

1. Company Team-Building Events

Today’s businesses are laser-focused on creating great company cultures for their employees. And as an extension of that focus, leaders are leaning into hosting team-building events. New York event planners can be promoting their team-building event services to capitalize on this growing trend. Team-building events serve a multitude of purposes, including:

  • Building trust among staff
  • Boosting morale among teams
  • Strengthening interpersonal skills
  • Improving communication
  • Growing decision-making and problem-solving skills

2. Private Company Parties

Businesses of all sizes will sometimes host private parties. These engagements might be to celebrate birthdays, retirements, or holiday festivities. And since these types of corporate events tend to occur annually or less frequently, they almost always have significant budgets. As an event planner, add private company events and parties to your roster of event services. Additionally, create marketing campaigns that help you reach out to these target clients all year long.

3. Brand Milestone Celebrations

If you really need a reason to celebrate anything, look no further than milestones, including birthdays, anniversaries, or marriages. Companies experience similar milestones and, subsequently, have just as many reasons to celebrate. Event planners can be targeting businesses to offer their party planning services for company anniversaries, brand mergers, or employee birthdays.

4. Shareholder and Stakeholder Meetings

Many companies hold regulatory meetings for shareholders or stakeholders every year. But these required gatherings don’t have to be boring and bound to a conference room. Today, many companies are hosting events as part of these regulatory shareholder meetings. And it’s your opportunity, as a NY event pro, to be available to help with these annual gatherings.

5. Board of Directors Meetings

Companies that are operated by board members and directors will often hold meetings to discuss company matters, finances, and progress. But much like the shareholder meetings, board meetings don’t have to be yawn-worthy with catered lunch. Companies today are planning full-day or half-day events around these gatherings, complete with meals, activities, entertainment, and networking.

6. Customer Appreciation Events

Giving back to the community and celebrating loyal customers are both reasonable excuses to host a celebratory event. New York event planners should promote their abilities to create memorable client appreciation events and customer-centric celebrations. And these types of events can happen year-round, making it a perfect service to offer.

7. Fundraising Galas

New York businesses are always looking for new ways to give back to their communities. And as they explore opportunities to contribute, charitable events are other types of corporate events that make great solutions. Event planners can be promoting their fundraising gala planning services to tap into these community-centric initiatives. Charity events are great for the New York event planners, too, with boosted brand recognition and community support.

8. Product Launches

Another type of corporate event to consider adding to your event planning roster is the product launch. Brands and companies are always expanding and diversifying their core offerings, many in more innovative ways. Use this business growth as an opportunity to promote product launch events to commemorate the new offering.

9. Wellness Conferences

It’s not uncommon for companies to put together wellness conferences for employees and guests. In an effort to support healthy lifestyles and work-life balance, these conferences bring together all kinds of services. From nutritionists and exercise activities to mental wellness and mindfulness, these events are great year-round opportunities for New York event planners.

10. Award Ceremonies

Roll out the company red carpet for award ceremonies and recognition parties! Companies can host these events in casual fun or as official black-tie affairs. And event planners can be targeting businesses to help with curating these special company events. Include the benefits of hosting these types of events with your marketing, too.

11. Industry Trade Shows

Don’t just focus on targeting one business at a time when you can connect with industry organizations and entire business segments for potential event planning. Trade shows are huge revenue generators for those brands participating in them. Think of boat shows, home shows, real estate events, and other conferences that welcome swaths of product and service providers together.

12. Industry Networking Events

Talk with your business clients about hosting networking events. These can often be high-profile, high-energy engagements with massive invitation lists, too. They’re incredible for generating business leads and forming strategic connections for those who attend. And they’re brilliant corporate events that event planners should be tapping into as a service provider.

13. Seminars and Webinars

Another type of corporate event is the educational one. Seminars, webinars, and classes can all become learning events. Now, event planners can offer hybrid event planning for these educational experiences, too, making them even more appealing to hosting businesses and brands. Present these event opportunities to all of your business clients who might be interested in hosting an event for training, certifications, and more.

14. Conventions and Conferences

New York event planners can step in to coordinate brilliant conferences and conventions as community engagements or industry promotional opportunities. These types of corporate event services are in high demand, too, considering the benefits and ROI advantages for attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and guests. As an event planner, think bigger and start marketing your services to entire business communities.

When it comes to boosting your event planning business, start exploring all the types of corporate events and get marketing! And to really take your business to the absolute next level, make sure you get your tickets to this year’s Event Planner Expo! It’s your chance to experience NYC’s premier conference for top event professionals. And it’s where thousands go to learn game-changing insights to promote their brands, generate more leads, and finish the year out strong!


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