4 Feel-Good Strategies to Improve Attendee Engagement

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There’s a lot of event planning advice out there about improving attendee engagement. And yes, having the right strategies and best tools at your disposal will certainly make a big difference in the guest experience. But sometimes, it’s the feel-good extras that make a great experience spectacular. Here are some of those little things that make a big impression on attendee engagement.

1. Taste the Experience and Boost Attendee Engagement

Whether you’re offering complimentary boxes of chocolate or a full-on ice cream social bar, impress your guests with incredible tastes. Go beyond the dinner menu and appetizer basics. Think outside the box and offer creative morsels, desserts, and tasty experiences. Bring in those coffee bars and custom cocoa stations. Delight their taste buds in creative and fun ways!

2. Guests Love Freebies

Do you know what else your guests love? Freebies! Imagine the possibilities, from door prizes to goodie bags. Even the most experiential and eventful conferences can be better when attendees feel appreciated and valued with gifts. Here are the characteristics of any gift or freebie:

  • Make sure it’s creative.
  • Think quality over quantity.
  • Thoughtful and unique inspires joy.
  • Useful freebies add value.
  • Memorable and keepsake items have a shelf life.

3. Creature Comforts Improve Attendee Engagement

Another “little” detail that pays big event experience dividends involves comfort. Look for ways to make your New York conference setting more comfortable. Are the dinner seats accommodating? Can you introduce more casual lounge areas for breakout sessions and networking comforts? Is it a warm outdoor event that needs personal fans or cooling stations? Think about your guests’ comfort and find the little additions that make improvements to their experiences.

4. Tapping Into the Five Senses

If you’re still struggling to identify areas of improvement for your event guests, think about the five senses. Anytime you can bring new elements that tantalize the aromas, tastes, sights, sounds, and feels of your event experience, it’s going to be a win. It’s these sense-oriented aesthetics that will boost all the other details you’ve planned to make an incredibly memorable event.

So, when you’re looking to explore attendee engagement ideas, consider these feel-good extras that have big mileage. Sometimes it’s the small aesthetics that can have a significant impact on the overall perception of your conference or celebration. And don’t forget; you can get all the inspiration you need at The Event Planner Expo 2023. Make sure you’re on the official waitlist today!


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