Planning Conferences & Trade Shows in 2023

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Planning any event requires a series of organized steps, thoughtfully curated ideas, and robust execution methods. But when you’re planning conferences, product launches, corporate events, and industry trade shows, the stakes are a little higher. And these are the steps to keep in mind as event planners look to improve their event-planning strategies for these behemoth engagements in 2023.

Devote Enough Effort to Constructing Your Conference Strategy

Whether you’re tackling a New York conference or a national industry trade show, developing an event strategy is paramount. Event planners should collaborate with clients about the journey leading up to the big day, which includes all the details and organizational efforts. Establish a timeline and set deadlines to accomplish each event planning task. But also create contingency plans to prepare for setbacks, cancellations, or last-minute changes. The strategy for execution is the road map you’ll need to see to every detail. And failing to plan will ensure a plan to fail.

Assembling the Best Teams

Pulling off a successful event of any size requires the expertise of others. But when it comes to bigger conferences and trade shows, you should prepare to assemble a team of event-related masters to help. Start internally and use your event strategy to delegate tasks and organizational responsibilities to your strongest team members. From there, you can branch out to incorporate partnerships with third-party pros and vendors. Having all the right people in all the right places is key.

Inviting the Most Engaging Guests

The next pivotal consideration for any successful conference is entertainment and special guests. Talk with your clients about identifying industry leaders and influencers who might be engaging keynote speakers. Explore celebrity guest appearance options to drive exposure and excitement. And don’t underestimate the power of music, either with live band performances or enthusiastic professional DJ services. With your roster of talent in mind, you can begin to extend the invitations and start lining up your talent.

Venue Accommodations Matter

When the attendee list is expected to be massive, you’ll need to make sure you have the perfect venue to accommodate the masses. But there are other venue details to consider, too, like the ease of access for traveling guests, handicap accessibility, indoor and outdoor options, dining availability, lighting and AV, and customer service. Be diligent in crafting a list of must-haves before engaging with any venue representatives, and make sure you select the best-fit locale for your conference or corporate event.

Adopting All the Best Technology

The future of events is chock-full of incredible technology and intuitive applications. Don’t plan any trade show or conference without carefully selecting the best tools and tech resources. From digital guest badges and event apps to stage presentation elements and virtual event audience engagement, harness every single piece of convenience, engagement, and efficiency technology you can with every event.

Building a Sponsorship Strategy

We often explore the many aspects and strategies associated with developing and selling sponsorships for your events. And when it comes to complex corporate events, open-to-the-public trade shows, and industry conferences, sponsorships are going to be a game-changer. Event planners should invest time and resources to develop tiers of sponsorship opportunities, each level representing unique benefits and price points. But there should also be a strategy for engaging potential sponsors, including a precise marketing and sales plan.

Marketing for Best Results

Speaking of marketing, trade shows and conferences in 2023 are going to require an aggressive and effective marketing strategy that involves a healthy mix of both digital and traditional methods. An impressive event website and app are great starting points. From there, you can explore ad campaigns, social media promotions, hashtag strategies, and video productions that build excitement around your event and attract guests.

New York event planners can follow these insights to ensure every conference or trade show event is spectacular. There’s a new road map for 2023 event planning, and these pillar elements will ensure success.

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