7 Challenges NYC Event Planners Are Facing

New York event planners are incredible problem solvers. It’s practically your superpower as you meet challenges head-on and overcome them. But running an event planning business today means taking on new challenges. And if you’re struggling, you’re not alone.
To help gain perspective and to offer invaluable insights, we wanted to share some of the most common roadblocks New York event planners are running into these days. If any of these challenges sound familiar in your business, here are some fresh ideas to help you be the best problem solver and, ultimately, keep growing your business.

1. Data Overload & Optimization

With so much of your event planning business operating online, you’re likely drowning in data and digital management tasks. Transitioning online was supposed to make things easier. Connecting with clients, creating online experiences, and the boom of virtual events have all made growing and scaling so much more attainable. But now, with an onslaught of data and metrics, you’re challenged by knowing what to do with it.
GlueUp shared these stats, demonstrating just how challenging data management can be for today’s event planners:

  • 30% of event planners wished they could invest more time and resources into data analysis
  • 44.6% of event planners believe their data management efforts are insufficient
  • 18% of event planners want a better way to merge systems and data platforms but don’t know how
  • 32.6% of event planners are lacking first-party data resources

The answer lies in the optimization and tapping into the tools that help you automate digital tasks and organize the analytics. Look for resources that add value to your existing processes by way of saving time-saving, money, and improving efficiencies. For example, don’t spend hours sending 50 emails when you can automate and send 50 customized invitations at once. Use your Google Analytics to help gauge which online advertising efforts are working to avoid spending on those that aren’t. And be deliberate with your messaging to help move potential event planning clients through your sales funnel.

2. Is There Ever Really Enough Time?

A common challenge most event planners face is timing. Is there really ever enough time? And how many times have you been knee-deep in coordinating an event, wishing you had an extra day or two or three? What today’s New York event planners are learning quickly is that time management is mission-critical. Use tools and resources to outline your event timeline when you first take on the project. You’ll want to be diligent about estimating the time needed to reserve vendors, marketing, and invitations. It’s also recommended that you create contingency plans for every phase of your time management timeline, so you’re routinely one step ahead of potential timing issues.

3. Guest Registration Hassles Are Still a Thing

Many of today’s New York event planners will tell you that guest or attendee registration hassles are still a challenge. If not set up or executed correctly, bottlenecking guests upon entry can cause delays to the event, causes frustration, and in many cases, will deter future attendees. To combat these ongoing registration concerns, many are leveraging digital pre-registration prior to the event date. Allowing guests to buy tickets, check-in, and register ahead of time, will ensure you avoid those event registration challenges.

4. A Need for a Better Way to Budget

There are always going to be some budget challenges, especially for those clients who try to track as they go, soon to be hitting their ceiling. As an event planner, when you can devise ways to project costs ahead of time and help clients set realistic budget expectations, everyone wins. Starting off the conversation with a budget-focused agenda will help. But there are also tools and resources to help you track and manage event planning budgets, as well. These can be instrumental in educating your clients and staying ahead of those surprise budget breaches.

5. Keynote Speaker Canceled, Now What?

You’re always going to be prepared for guest speakers or booked entertainment to cancel. And that will be one of those challenges to expect, probably forever. Take the necessary steps to book backups or alternative speakers and entertainers. Have contingency plans for pretty much everything, including the venue. Inclement weather plans are a good idea, too.

6. Getting Attendees to Show Up

You know what else you’ll likely continue to struggle with, despite the onset of new tools, tech, and innovation? Getting guests to show up is still going to be a concern, especially in today’s events industry. Many event planners are still using email marketing, as much as 75% to promote an event and 47% to email invites. But there are other methods to increase engagement, including the widespread adoption of adding virtual attendance options. Make it easy to opt-in by providing more than one way to experience the event. And use your digital tools and resources to send reminders, offer VIP services, or offer additional perks.

7. Landing New York Event Clients

Navigating the event space in New York City also means looking for new and innovative ways to connect with new potential clients. You’ll still tap into the same sales efforts that may have worked for you before. But now, you’ll want to explore other ways of connecting with clients and positioning your event planning business as the best solution. Networking and sharing experiences with contractors, vendors, entertainment, and fellow event planners are still a great way to cultivate new business opportunities.
Some of these event planning challenges may resonate with you more than others. But, in general, they all represent some of the more common obstacles today’s New York event planners face. Consider these insights and suggestions, and don’t forget to get your tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2022! Prepare to be wowed, too, since it’s our 10th anniversary. We’re pulling out all the stops this year and have an incredible lineup of guest and keynote speakers, VIP experiences, exhibitor booths, and some of the biggest corporate decision-makers in attendance. Get the solutions to all your challenges at the Expo!


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