CRM Solutions for Event Planners: 9 Top Considerations to Grow Your Business

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Of all the marketing tools and digital solutions available to event planners, choosing the right CRM tool might be the most important. The Customer Relationship Management software solution allows you to effectively manage client relationships, sales, and event planning insights. But knowing which platform to choose can be tricky. That’s why we’ve assembled some of the most popular CRM tools for today’s busy event planners

How to Choose the Right CRM

Every event planner runs a unique business model. Based on your niche event services and processes, you’ll want to choose a CRM solution that fits your business. Consider the following and use these points as your guide for choosing the right CRM.

  • How do you actively seek, engage, and communicate with your event prospects? Choose an appropriate CRM to help with email marketing, sales, and proposals accordingly.
  • How many people within your organization are going to use the CRM? Choose the right platform that can grow with you and accommodate your user needs and preferences.
  • What data do you need to grow your event business? Choose a CRM that provides the best-fit analytics that you can use to make business and event decisions.

How to Use a CRM for Your Event Planning Business

Before choosing a CRM for your business model, consider how you intend to use it. Each platform is different and offers various applications to streamline functions. Pick a CRM that saves time by automating manual processes. Keep track of client contact information, And be sure to pick the right type of CRM for what you need the most help managing – operations, communications, or analytics. 

  • Operational CRMs: Great for sales processes and streamlining linear, repetitive tasks associated with operating your business.
  • Collaborative CRMs: Great for connecting events and sales, marketing and sales efforts, and staff with event clients.
  • Analytical CRMs: Great for data sourcing with your events, event surveys, client personas, and vendors.

Once you’ve made these needs determinations, you can use your chosen CRM in a variety of ways:

  • Use event management templates to seamlessly manage everything from event registration to follow-up communications.
  • Manage event service providers and specific event responsibilities and tasks.
  • Use built-in communication tools to facilitate email marketing campaigns.
  • Monitor event registration in real-time and process post-event registration analytics.
  • Highlight VIPs, sponsors, and customers, outlining specific perks and segmented communications.
  • Follow up after all your NYC events directly from your CRM software, asking for feedback and sending post-event surveys.

Top CRM Considerations for Event Planners

When you start exploring your CRM solution options, it’s going to get overwhelming. But based on popularity among the event planning industry, these CRM platforms tend to rank favorably. Consider putting these few at the top of your list.

1. ClickUp

ClickUp is an easy-to-use platform capable of simplifying nearly every aspect of your event management process.

2. Cvent

Cvent combines event planning processes and marketing together in one fully integrated platform and solution.

3. EventMobi

EventMobi is widely trusted as one of the most flexible event management software solutions among thousands of event pros.

4. Monday

Monday brings all the best of CRM solutions, workflow management, and sales together in one simplified, user-friendly platform.

5. Glue Up

Glue Up is a great marketing tool that offers a full suite of engagement management, CRM, and sales in one dashboard.

6. Planning Pod

Planning Pod is an all-in-one software solution, perfect for event professionals and venue service management. 

7. EventHub

EventHub is a genius software platform that makes vendor, exhibitor, and sponsor management a breeze. 

8. Stova

Stova makes event management and marketing efficiency easy with its event technology ecosystem of solutions.

9. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM continues to be a top-rated CRM, with robust automation, personalized systems, and comprehensive data.

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