Improve Your Pre-Event Engagement with These 5 Strategies

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In the old days, event planners would rely on the designs and effectiveness of an event invitation to attract more event attendees. But today’s event planning landscape is a completely different ecosystem. And attendee engagement is more comprehensive with digital touch points before, during, and after the event. 

As a New York event planner, you’ll want to carve out precise strategies to make the most of every event guest engagement opportunity. Today, we’re sharing some of the best strategies and methods for pre-event engagement. Because, when you get the pre-event engagement right, you get BIG attendance boosts at all your NYC events.

1. Social Media Is Your Pre-Event Engagement Megaphone

You can’t just spread the word about your upcoming events. You’ll need to generate excitement and create buzz. And no resource in your marketing arsenal can get the audience humming quite like a brilliant event-boosting campaign on social media. Think of your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and X as your pre-event excitement megaphone. Engage early with your NYC event guests and start the conversations on social. Respond promptly to comments, encourage sharing, and launch those hashtag strategies early!

2. Mobile Event Apps Make Event Communication a Breeze

Another pivotal way to connect with your event audience is with your event app. Today’s event professionals have to connect digitally, and it’s the event app that allows you to connect with every invited guest in a customized way. Share all kinds of event details, including:

    • Event itineraries and registration processes
    • Early bird specials and promotions
  • Ticket availability and deadlines
  • Entertainment and speaker announcements
  • Share exclusive merchandise
  • And more!

3. Pre-Event Surveys and Interactions Warm Up Your Crowds

Warm up your New York corporate event and conference audience with pre-event surveys. Gather feedback from guests before the big day so you can make last-minute improvements to the event experience. Send reminders and make smart use of SMS updates about event essentials, too. Each pre-event communication only builds a stronger bond with your guests. 

4. Pre-Event Countdowns Build Excitement

Put some sizzle on your event promotion with a good, old-fashioned countdown! This pre-event engagement tactic still works, especially when you share daily social media updates, email final-hour discounts, promote engaging visuals, and count down every last hour and minute to the event. Countdowns are great tools for shaking loose those last-minute RSVPs and ticket purchases as well. 

5. Promote Pre-Event Networking with Email Campaigns

The most customizable option for communicating and engaging with event guests prior to the event is the inbox. Get segmented and value-packed with your email messages. And use stunning graphics and high-energy buzz when sharing event details. Use your email campaigns to share exclusive content and testimonials from past events, too. Just don’t forget to include the call-to-action links to your well-designed landing pages and ticket pages.

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