How to Turn Attendee Testimonials into Marketing Assets for Your Events Business

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Every successful New York event or corporate conference you coordinate as an event planner presents an opportunity to collect a valuable testimonial about your event services. And every attendee or client testimonial can then be added to your marketing strategy arsenal of tools. Here’s how you can transform a rave event review into a bottom-line boosting marketing asset. When you inspire great attendee or client feedback, learn how to squeeze every drop of marketing impact out of it!

Testimonials on Social Media As Social Proof

When you’re able to capture a positive sentiment or favorable review about your events or event services, you can immediately share it on social media. Feedback on your social profiles can serve as social proof to your online audience that others love what you do. Even a brief statement from an event guest can inspire posts, new hashtag strategies, and resonating content on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, and TikTok. 

Attendee Testimonials in Email Campaigns

Rave reviews about your event services can be a marketing asset in your email marketing campaigns. Build sequences around “what others say” or include five-star statements as an added value to your email messages. Share those testimonials and exciting event news across all your email initiatives to increase engagement and inspire others to use your event services.

Attendee Testimonials on Your Event Business Website

Keep your website fresh with up-to-date testimonials throughout, featuring five-star graphics and brilliant designs. It demonstrates to anyone who visits your website that you’re continuing to produce high-quality events and stunning celebrations. And any prospects looking to potentially hire you will see those testimonials as endorsements of your professional capabilities.

Testimonials As Part of Your Future Proposals

Be creative with any upcoming proposals or presentations you have with potential event planning clients. And tie in some of your recent event testimonials. Include a statement or two on your physical or digital proposal, as a footer, or in a dedicated section called “What my clients say.” Share the successes of past events with future event clients to help close the deal.

When your curated events yield rave reviews, great feedback, and positive testimonials, convert those statements into marketing assets and sales-boosting gold! Get creative with sharing those sentiments everywhere you market. 

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