Who’s On Your Event Team? 11 Insights for Delegating Event Planning Tasks

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You may be a master at multitasking, but you can’t do it all. Having a skilled team to support you is essential for managing the many tasks and moving parts of producing a successful event. While every event may not require all of these individuals, having these individuals as resources can help you become a more agile and effective event planner. 

1. New York City Venue Coordinator

Your NYC venue coordinator is the individual responsible for bringing everything and everyone together at the event site. This could include coordinating with the venue’s representative or management, the event decorator/designer, the caterer, the AV team, and entertainment. They will ensure that the venue is ready to meet the event’s needs. 

2. Event Budget Manager/Accountant

Someone needs to track the spending, or an event can easily go over the original agreed-upon budget. A budget manager or accountant will collect and track all invoices and receipts from your team members to ensure you always know the status of the event’s budget. 

3. Food/Beverage or Catering Manager

Your catering manager will be responsible for the food and beverages served at the event. This could include working with the client to select an event menu or making the necessary arrangements to have a bar at the event. They will also arrange for the staff needed to serve or bartend. 

4. Audiovisual Technician

Almost all events will need at least some AV services, which could be extensive depending on the event. Your AV technician or delegated specialist will handle all event planning, setup, and operation of sound, lighting, and video. The AV technician may also need to troubleshoot equipment during the event. 

5. Event Decorator/Designer

The decor for the event will set the ambiance and create an immersive experience for the attendees. This can start with a color scheme and theme. It will then include choosing decor, floral arrangements, rental structures, and furniture. 

6. Marketing and Promotion Specialist

Your marketing specialist is responsible for spreading the word about your event. This is crucial if you are planning a public event for which you want people to buy tickets. The event marketing specialist will increase the event’s reach and generate excitement and interest. They will also take pictures and videos during the event for post-event marketing and future promotional work. 

7. Sponsorship and Exhibitor Coordinator

A sponsorship and exhibitor coordinator can effectively manage communication with many individuals. They will approach possible sponsors or attendees, make arrangements for participation, and follow up on any questions. As the event nears, they will handle all logistics and ROI for those highly valued event sponsors

8. Registration and Check-In Staff

The registration and check-in team ensures that attendance can be tracked accurately. This is crucial for ensuring that your other team members accurately plan for the appropriate number of attendees. The manager will establish check-in procedures to ensure that you don’t have event crashers. 

9. Transportation Coordinator

Some events require transportation services, such as a corporate event or wedding. Your transportation coordinator will make vehicle reservations and coordinate transportation timing. They may also make special arrangements for VIP guests or shuttle services for general attendees. Transportation services could also include managing a parking plan for attendees driving themselves. 

10. Entertainment Coordinator

If your event will have live entertainment, an entertainment coordinator will ensure your performers are booked and managed. They will screen talent to find the best fit for the event and budget. They will also coordinate with the venue and AV technician to ensure everything is set up for the performances or guest speakers

11. Event Security Staff

Not all events will require a security team. However, if your event does require it, a security manager will create the team and protocols for a secure event that ensures the safety of the attendees. This can include controlled entry, crowd control, high-profile guest security, and emergency response plans. 

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