7 of the Hottest Activations for All Your NYC Events

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Adding activations to your New York City events boosts engagement and creates memorable experiences for the attendees. By encouraging attendees to actively participate in the event, you create an immersive event. Not only does this improve the experience for your clients and their guests, but it also raises the profile of your event planning business. Discover some of the hottest event activations on every event planner’s best-of list right now!

1. Themed Photo Booths or Photo Ops 

A photo booth with props or themed photo-op setups gives attendees a place to make memories. Attendees can customize their photos to create unique memories. They can then share their pictures on social media, making them perfect marketing for your event planning services. Photo booths could be simple with a static setup. You could make them more elaborate with green screens or 360-degree platforms. 

2. Customized Food and Beverage Stations

The food and beverages served at any NYC event can make or break the experience for the attendees. It should be appropriately themed while also being a delight for the senses. The menu items need to look and taste good. Partnering with local caterers or coordinating with food trucks can elevate your events to be a memorable experience. Attendees will want to take pictures of beautiful, unique, or exciting food and beverages to share on social media. 

3. Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt

Event planners are looking for innovative ways to incorporate technology into their events in creative ways. Augmented reality is an excellent way to create an immersive experience for your event guests. Attendees can use their smartphones to participate in an augmented reality scavenger hunt. Have attendees download an app and follow clues to explore the different areas of the event. Those who find the most digital items could win a prize. 

4. Live Music Performances

While a DJ is nice, live music elevates an event and better sets the mood. For a unique experience, consider hiring more than one performer. Perhaps you hire a single musician to play light, relaxed tunes as everyone arrives. Then, pick up the pace with a different band. Then, finish the evening with a livelier band that will get everyone up and dancing. 

5. Light Shows and Projection Mapping

Lighting can significantly improve the overall ambiance of your NYC events. Dynamic lighting moves and changes throughout the event, creating a more immersive experience. Work with a lighting company to create effects or projection mapping. You can enhance the look of an already beautiful event venue space or transform an unconventional space. And these event activations can make corporate and social events alike, overwhelmingly successful.

6. Outdoor Activities and Rooftop Parties

New York City is famous for its skylines, so use it to your advantage when creating a memorable party experience. New York also has unique NYC event spaces, from elegant buildings from the Gilded Age to modern skyrises. Consider looking for an event space with indoor and outdoor spaces allowing attendees to move about. Or you can choose a venue that is on a rooftop, allowing for sweeping views of the skyline. 

7. Games Guests Love to Play 

Adding games to your events adds fun and whimsy and is a creative way to keep attendees engaged. To make this activation successful, thoughtfully choose the games you set up. They could be claw machines, spin-to-win games, or arcade-style games. Theme the games to match the event’s theme. Items in the claw machine should make sense for the event theme and host. A corporate event could have promotional items or products in it. A private event could have favors or small gifts. Arcade games could award points that guests accumulate to win gifts. 

Discover More Activation Ideas at The Expo 

As an event planner, you know that it takes more than a playlist and some cake to have a successful event. Your clients hire you because you bring to life their ideas in an immersive, memorable experience. To stay ahead of the industry, you need to know the hottest trends, including event activations like these. Attending The Event Planner Expo is a must for staying ahead of industry trends and networking with the best vendors. From AV and lighting vendors to caterers, venues, and so much more, you can find everything you need to add the hottest activations to your events. 

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