Contactless Check-in Is the Only Way to Go

It may have been a trend inspired by social distancing requirements. But contactless check-ins are sticking around as a preferred way to register event guests, process payments, and more. It’s kind of a no-brainer for a number of reasons. And today, we’ll share why the contactless event and conference check-in method is the only way to go for event planners as part of their process.

Event Planners Can Always Use More Time

Whether you’ve been event planning in New York for years or are just starting out, everyone can agree on one thing – time is a precious resource. And when you’re working the in-person event, you know the scenario. Guests are lining up to check-in, get their name badges, and collect their welcome kits. With the onset of technology, the digital and contactless check-in process streamlines this potential time-wasting bottleneck and funnels attendees in quickly and effortlessly. Contactless check-ins are absolute time-saving game-changers for other aspects of the event, too, including online pre-registrations and even badge printing.

There’s Still a Safety Element with Contactless Check-Ins

Guests and event-goers might not be fully concerned with social distancing and masking. But they’ll still appreciate the contactless check-in method as a safer way to go, with fewer touch points. Online registrations and payment for event tickets are convenient and easy, too. As an event planner, opting for contactless processing also sends a message to attendees and guests that you’re still planning for a safer engagement.

Opportunities to Do More Than Just Check-in Guests

When you set up a contactless registration or check-in method, you’re essentially creating a digital dashboard perfect for collecting and sharing communications, data, and scheduling. The added benefits of such a platform include the customization of a check-in process, whereby you can find out where guests are from, how they found the event and their preferences. Additionally, a more digital connection to potential attendees will allow you to reach them quickly with schedule changes, reminders, and event announcements.

Reduced Staff Burdens

You might be able to reduce the number of staff working at a check-in station, thus saving money and reducing burdens by going with a contactless check-in option. This also allows the redistribution of manpower to other key areas of your event. And while it’s still best to have someone greeting guests and troubleshooting to answer questions, those individuals are less likely to make mistakes when they’re only helping a few instead of mass-processing everyone during an event registration or check-in.

It’s a Less Wasteful Solution

When guests are checking themselves in digitally, you’ll have less paperwork to shuffle. As a New York event planner, selling a “greener” way to host an event can be a great added value proposition. Less paper means less waste. Eco-friendly solutions are always welcomed in the event planning space.

A More Secure Way to Protect Attendee Data

When you’re able to digitally register attendees with a real-time clocking of identifying information and subsequent data, you have more control over the security of that potentially sensitive information. You can lay in digital and cloud-based security measures to protect the information instead of collecting paperwork, signatures, and details in paper form, right in the open. You can also reduce the risks of mismanaging attendee information by transitioning your registration processes to contactless check-in methods.

Improves Attendee and Guest Experiences

When your event guests don’t have to wait in long lines to register, you’re setting the tone for a more favorable overall experience. Contactless check-ins are great for managing tiers of engagement, too, like VIP experiences or Special Guest privileges. Look for digital methods of engaging, and you’ll almost always be better positioned to make your New York event experience great.

You might have adopted contactless check-in methods before because you had to do so. But considering these additional benefits, the digital registration process continues to be the only way to go. For more information about how to improve your event planning business, check out our ongoing coverage of event planning resources and best practices. And you’ll be guaranteed to learn so much more by attending The Event Planner Expo 2022 this October! 


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