Improve Your Presence Online with These 5 Tips

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If New York event planners learned one thing from the past few years of event planning, it’s the mission-critical importance of having a strong online presence. Reaching and engaging colleagues, client prospects, and event attendees is essential for business success. And there are always new insights to help improve your online efforts. Here is some inspiration to help infuse your current online strategies for improved results.

1. Redefine Your Online Presence

Your event planning business’ online presence is measured in three primary ways. Your brand will be impacted by the picture you paint online, including how:

  1. You take action and create content
  2. You rank with online algorithms
  3. You are perceived by your online audience

Existing online isn’t cutting the mustard anymore. Today’s event planners have to “present” in visibility, credibility, and reputation. As you revisit your online presence now, look for where you might be falling short in these areas. From there, you can begin to devise a strategy for improvement and better engagement.

2. Start with Website Evaluation

The website you have now might have served you well in the past. But is it still the best representation of your brand and services? Are there ways to improve the dynamics and interactives on your site to make it more attractive or user-friendly? It’s best to start with your data and look to identify if you’ve lost visitors and traffic. A decline in activity alone could warrant a more modern refresh or redesign. And if you have new marketing goals, your website might need to be reworked to align with those goals.

3. Get Better About SEO

Look, you can’t predict what the algorithms will do any more than you can predict the weather. However, you can get better about search engine optimization, which will improve how easily visitors find you online. Stick with these tried-and-true methods that drive results no matter what the SERP trends are in the moment:

  • Creating quality keyword-targeted and fresh content
  • Improve core website vitals
  • Keep up with mobile-friendly elements 
  • Drive local SEO, tying your event planning business to the community

4. Get Blogging

Event planners probably have the busiest schedules of any professional. And you’re thinking there’s no way you have free time to sit down and write blogs. But we’re here to tell you – blogging improves online engagement in a BIG way. Consider working in a blog strategy, including topics, keywords, and your event planning busy seasons. With a brief and an outline, you can always outsource the writing aspects. And you’ll be building a portfolio of content assets that you can use across all your channels, including social media.

5. Speaking of Social Media…

Improving your online presence is all about quality, not quantity. And this applies to your social media strategies. Don’t feel like you have to be on all channels with daily posts and updates to be successful. On the contrary, you only need two or three channels that you dominate with quality content to see big results and growth in your online presence.

Improving your online presence doesn’t have to be hard. And maybe tweaking a few elements of your strategy in line with what we’ve shared here is all you need to give your online image a boost.

For more event planning business tips, keep up with our ongoing blog, and be sure to get on the waitlist for The Event Planner Expo 2023!


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